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  • What Are the 5 Signs of Mental Illness?

    Mental illnesses are quite complicated and can present themselves in many different ways. There are 5 mental illness warning signs that you can watch out for in yourself and in your loved ones. If you are displaying any of these signs, please seek help from a mental health professional in order to live a fulfilling, happy life.

    1. Mood Changes

    Mood changes and mood swings can be signs of many different mental illnesses. Mood swings can be a side effect of bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, and many other mood disorders. They can also be a sign of personality disorders and schizophrenia.

    2. Paranoia & Anxiety

    Everyone experiences anxious thoughts and nervousness every once in a while. However, if worry, stress, anxiety, overthinking, and paranoia make it difficult to function in your everyday life, it’s important to get treated by a psychologist or psychiatrist. Nobody should be burdened with debilitating anxiety, you deserve more.

    3. Social Isolation

    Social isolation, or a complete lack of withdrawal from others, can be a sign of many major mood and personality disorders. Avoiding certain people and places can also be a symptom of post traumatic stress disorder or autism.

    4. Lifestyle Changes

    Disruptions in school, work, sleep, and eating can be a sign of mental illness. Mental health conditions like anorexia, substance abuse disorders, and depression can have very negative impacts on your day to day life. A therapist can help you find the root cause of these poor lifestyle changes and help you go back to a healthier lifestyle that will improve your mental health.

    5. Depressed Mood

    A depressed mood, chronic sadness, and feelings of emptiness are major causes for concern. Unfortunately, depression can lead to suicidal ideation which is why it is extremely important to seek mental health care from a specialist.